Participant's Review

Awesome yoga

I really enjoyed the yoga classes and all the activities in the routine. I recommend this place to anyone visiting Pokhara!

Robert Skull, Denmark

Feeling rejuvenated after 6 days!

Doing yoga course with Mukti family was truly a reward for me. After 6 days of following the full day routine I experience a complete rejuvenation!

Yamma Reason, The Netherlands

Amazing Experience!

Coming here was like coming home for me! It has an amazing Yoga teacher named KAUSHAL, the best teacher you can have. You learn pretty quickly from him. He really knows all about yoga and always has an open ear for your questions and try to help you out. Then you have YAM, the masseur who gave the best massage in whole Asia - and i have been a lot around! More than that, he became a really good friend that I could count on. He really helped me a lot here in Pokhara, this city wouldn't have been the same experience without him. Then you have SWABHIMAN.. sadly I never had a Yoga class with him. But what I can tell you is that he rocked the kitchen.. always made me smile and happy when we had a conversation. He looked out for me always. He was the first guy you would see in the day and last before going to bed. These guys really lived the way of a Yogi. So i hope all the best for you cause you really deserves it. Much love always keep your dream up.

Thomas Hueniger, Germany

Wonderful people with big heart

17th April, 2019 Thank you so much for a wonderful 5 days family yoga retreat. Yoga and meditation teachers are amazing. I cannot believe i made such a fast progress in just few days, but first of all thank you for helping me in the hard situation in which i found myself during my stay in Nepal. I don't know how would i deal here without you guys. Thank you for being with me, for your guidance , for mental support, for your help and for family atmosphere. You are not only the professionals but also wonderful people with big heart. Namaste Dorata Mayer

Dorata Mayer, Poland

Fasting,detox & Yoga

18th May, 2019 I just completed 3 days of detox and yoga. As first approaching to the yoga practice in my life, I couldn't be happier! Before practicing everything is explained and i loved that. All of the members of the team were super nice and made me feel at home. I honestly couldn`t have had a better experience ! Thank you very much for everything, you are very kind :) Wish you all the best!! Anna Taino - Brescia, Italy

Anna Taino, Italy

Post yoga trek

14th April, 2019 What a special time i spent here for the last three days. I enjoyed the schedule of the post-trek yoga retreat a lot. All of you are so warm hearted and thoughtful, making my stay here really unforgettable. Thank you for wonderful meditation, challenging yoga classes, refreshing walks, nurturing and tasty soul food, good talks and a replenishing massage! I would love to come back one day. All the best for you Namaste Lan lische - Hamburg, Germany

Lan Lische, Germany

Post trek yoga retreat

10th April, 2019 Thank you for my wonderful post - trek yoga retreat! I really enjoyed my stay here. The meditation were good and relaxing, the yoga classes quite challenging but really nice. The food was amazing as well! and all of you made me feel like a princess haha Thanks again and see you soon. Namaste Annalot - Netherlands

Annelot Nielen, The Netherlands

21 Days weight loss program

5th June, 2019 Well the king survived 3 weeks of yoga with the king of pain and was very successful in progressing towards the goal of yogic future. What can i say but thank you! It was a beautiful experience in every way. You are all the best!!! King Douglus O'Brien Philadelphia, Usa

Douglas O' Brien, USA

Most amazing yogic experience

30th June, 2019 I have really enjoyed a most truly amazing yogic experience over the past thirty days here with Mukti yoga. This has been a life changing experience for me. I feel stronger, healthier and lighter. I will continue with my daily pranayama, ,meditation and yoga practice at home. The excellent team of Kaushal, Swabhiman and Yam (my new Nepali family) OH!! and of course Devi, all the delicious food you prepared. I will have fond memories to treasure of Mukti yoga. Thank you! Best of all the relationship with you all, YES THE BEST. I hope to be back here again for yoga teacher training next year. Keep happy and safe :) Namaste Leonie Morgan (Mukti's Mother) Australia

Leonie Morgan, Australia

Wonderful poonhill trek and 5 days retreat

9th Aug, 2019 Kaushal, Yam, Swabhiman, Prakriti & Devi I came to Nepal alone, and not once did i felt lonely. It's all thanks to the generosity & warmth you have welcomed me with into your home. From the very moment I arrived, I realized I had came to the right place. I just did not think that I would also be leaving Nepal with new amazing friends and life lessons that i will cherish back home. Thank you for accepting me as your own. I look forward to doing the same for you whenever you visit America and Korea. I hope more and more people will be blessed by your prescience of teacching. Cheers Jae thejaeryu@gmail.ccom

Jae Ryu, South Korea

Awesome place