Bandipur Excursion - 2 Days

Witness amazing Nepali cultural mix in the Himalayan valley

Program Duration : 2D/3N
Program cost : $229 /per person

The exotic and dreamy Bandipur is becoming increasingly popular as a touristic spot located at an elevation of 1030m in the Gandaki zone 
engulfed in mighty majestic Himalayan range.  

One can witness amazing nepali cultural mix here, with an engaging ancient style village life and nepali traditional architectural ambience it gives a truly antique and ethnic touch. 

To see the valley gorgeously wrapped up in Himalayas one has to actually be very lucky. The clouds and the misty ground at times could be some sort of hindrance yet even that adds to the value and beauty of Bandipur. One can observe silence while retreating at different spots. 

There’s a sense of therapeutic relief amidst the valley and surroundings. Few more attractions are the Thanimai temple, Raniban, trek to the Sidha cave and nearby treks to experience the richness of the area. Long meditative walks and Yoga could be done to tap into inner well being. A highly recommended programme towards a better living!! 

  • Amazing Nepali cultural mix
  • Engaging ancient style village life 
  • Nepali traditional architectural ambience
  • Therapeutic relief

On the day of arrival: 

  • Yoga lesson, dinner

1st Day morning: 

  • meditation
  • nasal cleansing
  • nature walk
  • Yoga lesson
  • breakfast

1st Day afternoon: 

  • head to Bandipur (2 hrs + 30 mins)
  • check-in to a guest house
  • lunch

1st Day evening

  • sunset view
  • Yoga lesson
  • dinner

2nd Day morning

  • sunrise view
  • monastery visit
  • Bandipur sightseeing
  • breakfast

2nd Day afternoon

  • transfer to the center
  • lunch
  • karma Yoga
  • tea & popcorn
  • chanting

2nd Day evening:

  • Yoga lesson
  • dinner
  • self-reflection

On the morning of departure:

  • Yoga lesson
  • breakfast
  • transportation to/from Bandipur from/to the center
  • 1 night accommodation in Bandipur
  • 2 nights accommodation in the center
  • guided tour
  • guided Yoga lessons
  • guided meditation
  • all meals are included