Shankhaprakshalana (colon cleansing) - 7 Days

Detox your body, mind and spirit feeling light

Program Duration : 7D/8N
Program cost : $389 /per person

What is shankhaprakshalana ?

The word Shankhaprakshalana comes from two words. Shankha meaning "conch" and prakshalana meaning to wash completely. The word shankha is used to represent the entire alimentary canal from mouth to anus. This practice is also known as "varisar dhouti". This practice is also a part of kaya kalpa, which is an ayurvedic technique for physical purification and transformation, kaya means body & kalpa means transformation. Shankhaprakshalana is the process to clean the intestinal tract by removing the impurities with salty water.

This program aims at removal of toxins from the digestive tract, hence making it more supple, active and clean. The gastro cleansing method is one of the ancient techniques in yogic tradition. It is a much more profound and holistic approach applying natural ways to cure digestive ailments.

An aware and a more conscious mindset would allow one to accept this wholesome yet challenging experience.  

  • Day 1 of fasting - 6 apples (2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch, 2 for dinner), warm lemon water and honey with each meal.
  • Day 2 of fasting -  3 apples (1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner), warm lemon water and honey with each meal.
  • Day 3 of fasting - No apples, Unlimited herbal tea and water with 4 glasses of lemon water.
  • Day 4 - Sankhaprakshalana, consumption of lentil soup mixed with rice known as khichadi (yogic food)



  • Effective asanas (posture) for an improved digestive system
  • Apple diet for  cleansing the tract
  • Minimal food intake to rest the tract
  • Herbal teas and drinks
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Abstinence from extra or unhealthy food intake
  • Loosening up of the stomach region and activating the solar plexus
  • Self reflective attitude building

5 45 AM: Wake Up
6:00 AM: Morning Meditation 
7:00 AM: Mindful walking
7:20 AM: Tea & mini break fast
7:45 AM: Neti Kriya(nasal cleansing)
8:15 AM: Morning Yoga 
10:00 AM: Breakfast

12:00 PM: Yoga Nindra
1:00 PM: Lunch
3:30 PM: Karma Yoga
4:00 PM : Tea & Popcorn break
4:30 PM: Chanting 

5:30 PM: Evening Yoga
7:00 PM: Dinner
8:00 PM: Tratak(candle gazing meditation)
9:00 PM: Retiring

  • 8 Nights accommodation on twin sharing room with attached bath
  • Dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast in the morning of departure
  • All meals (mindful food) are included during the program
  • 15 sessions of guided Yoga
  • 15 sessions of guided meditation
  • Shankhaprakshalana
  • Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage (60 min)
  • Yogic cleansing, chanting, steam bath; all activities mentioned in the routine are included