Center Overview

The meaning of word ''Mukti" is ''salvation'' or ''liberation'',  as translated from Sanskrit. The Mukti Yoga Method is rooted in the ancient traditions of Hatha Yoga practice. Yoga is a tool for personal growth and evolution - this is the foundation of the Mukti Yoga philosophy.

At Mukti Yoga Retreat in Pokhara, we focus on the study of yoga with an emphasis on holistic health, organic food and an inspirational environment that is conducive to personal transformation.

This is also the way of living & serving taught by the ancient RISHIS & GURUS (Sages and Masters). Mukti Yoga is a dedicated residential center for Yoga and meditation. Whether you are looking for starting new Yoga experience or deepen your existing Yoga practice or just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, our center is perfect for you.

We provide a peaceful tranquil setting where students  and guests can fully receive and practice yoga in its true form, while living a yogic lifestyle. Individually and collectively we do our best to give practical tools needed to advance on the yogic path.

Yoga beginners will be encouraged to practice in safe and systematic way with all the fundamentals of Yoga. Experienced yogis can advance their practice and take them to next level and discover different facts and levels of the practice. All the students are guided by our experienced and highly qualified team.

We offer a variety of Yoga courses and retreats that give our students the possibility to gain knowledge and experience of Yoga in all its depth.